Fundraising for Non Profits – A Bad Economy and Your Fundraising

The latest Giving Report information from the Giving USA Foundation has given some very interesting numbers during this time of economic challenges. The total giving to non-profits is just over  $300 billion  annually. Giving in what has been described as the worst economic climate since the Great Depression exceeded $300 billion for the second year […]

Fundraising Training – Are You a Successful Fundraiser?

As fundraisers, we really want to succeed, so we implicitly define fundraising as follows: Successful fundraising = How much money was raised This definition assumes that the result alone is what drives the success.  While money is certainly an important metric I don’t believe that it is the most critical one. It is impossible for […]

Fundraising Training – Passion Alone is Not Enough!

After working with hundreds of nonprofits I rarely find a founder (and even more rare a board member) who has a passion for raising funding.  What they are passionate about is the mission of their organization.  Founders created their nonprofit because of their passion.  They saw a need and they filled it.  And they love […]

Fundraising Training – Who Are Your Top 20?

Quick, right off the top of your head, who are your top 5 major financial investors/partners? Those of you who know get an A for the day. Congrats! Those of you who don’t know have some work to do. If you did not know who your top 5 partners are, then you probably have no […]

Fundraising Training for Nonprofits – Best Practices

Whether you are raising funding for ministry funding, ministry support, or non-faith based nonprofits there are some best practices that apply to all.  Here are just a few. A commitment to development and fundraising…successful nonprofit organizations have made a firm commitment to be in the fundraising business.  This means that it starts with the board.  […]

Fundraising for Nonprofits – Explore Other Sources of Income

Nonprofits must be prepared for inevitable changes in funding priorities and sources of funding. While we are in uncertain times, nonprofits can be certain about one thing…organizations that invest time and resources into diversifying their funding sources will endure the economic ups and downs in shifts of charitable giving. Here are some alternate revenue streams […]